About Us

The three sides of the razer logo represent the 3 most essential gears every gamer needs. The mouse, keyboard and headphones. With a fan base from every continent, the company has expanded rapidly and aims to build the best gaming experience gamers can expect. We will continue to thrive for excellence in the gaming world and develop better combinations of gears.

Gamergearz have proudly sponsored many global e-sports competitions. World class gamers have been using our products for years. The company has a global influence with over 10 major offices around the globe that caters to the needs of over 5 million gamers.

How we started

Like many of our customers being gamers, we used many different gears needed for gaming. We started out as a small start-up company. We discovered that by mixing different company’s gears together it creates a better gaming experience for gamers. As gaming becomes more popular in this day and age, we were determined to unveil to users the gaming experience that they deserve.